Various film critics have shared their opinions about The Flash, the latest DC Comics film featuring Ezra Miller, a US actor who has faced several issues.

The highly awaited individual movie of the superhero was uncertain due to Miller’s multiple arrests and the need for treatment regarding his mental health problems.

According to reviews from The Times and The Guardian, the character received a low rating of two stars. The Guardian described the character as having an unattractive facial expression of gurning and smirking

The Evening Standard praised the movie as being among the top superhero films of the 21st century thus far.

In January, Miller admitted to unlawfully trespassing at a neighbor’s residence but was able to avoid imprisonment. It is important to note that Miller prefers to be referred to using they/them pron

The individuals were placed under probation and instructed to undergo drug detoxification and continue receiving treatment for their mental health.

Miller portrays the character of Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, in the Justice League. Barry Allen is a forensic investigator in the police department, and possesses the ability to move at

The protagonist goes back in time to stop his mother from dying, as his father was falsely accused of her murder. Along the way, he also guides his younger self, causing unforeseen outcomes.

Kevin Maher criticized the work as a massive failure in exploring multiple universes, according to his article in The Times.

According to him, the producers of Flash movie tried to tackle Miller’s well-known personal and legal issues by giving his character a dialogue that seems to acknowledge the issue.

Maher wrote that when our hero faced a witness who had undergone trauma, he advised them to consider seeking help from a mental health expert. The hero acknowledged that the Justice League was not proficient in this area yet.

After a brief moment of hesitation, the actor turns towards the camera and says, "Trust me!" This statement is particularly distasteful in the context of a movie that appears to have questionable moral values and is primarily focused on rehashing the entertainment industry’s cultural heritage.

In addition to the main cast, the movie includes brief appearances from previous superhero actors such as Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck as Batman, as well as Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

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Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian pointed out the remarkable and bizarre images of the different DC superheroes, and the unexpected appearance of an old version of Bruce Wayne that elicited laughter from the audience.

According to him, the movie lacks fresh concepts or innovative approaches and does not measure up to the highly praised animated experiment seen in recent Spider-Man movies. He acknowledged the potential for stirring up the rivalry between DC and Marvel fans, but emphasized that the movie simply falls short in comparison.

The intelligence contained within this property of ideas is diminishing.

According to Clarisse Loughrey from The Independent, the film received three stars and was described as confusing, emotional, and controversial because of Ezra Miller’s performance.

According to the writer, the release or cancellation of Miller’s movie will not have any significant impact on anyone. The main beneficiary in both situations would be Warner Bros, as they would not have to take responsibility and could instead focus solely on the success of their product rather than the welfare of their employees.

Despite any criticisms, she commended the writers for delving into the topic of sorrow and appreciated Miller’s exceptional dual role portrayal. The character, who was once only known for being irritating, was elevated by Miller’s performance.

David Fear, a critic for Rolling Stone, expressed greater excitement about the movie, stating that it is "easily the top film produced in the recent partnership between Warner Bros. and DC Comics" – referring to the collaboration between the two companies that followed the success of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

The most valuable aspect of the movie is Keaton’s performance, as he not only does a great job reprising his role, but also manages to seamlessly fit into the complex storyline and align with the overall goals of The Flash movie.

According to Charlotte O’Sullivan from The Evening Standard, viewers will appreciate the moments of brilliance in the film. Meanwhile, David Rooney from The Hollywood Reporter stated that the movie provides entertaining content, despite spending more time repeating old ideas than innovating new ones.

According to him, Miller, who is considered a problematic actor, ended up being the most valuable aspect of the movie. His performance added a comedic touch, emotional depth, and a rare sense of fragility to the superhero character.

Owen Gleiberman from Variety provided a mostly unfavorable critique of The Flash. In his review, he stated that the film lacked the light-heartedness found in Back to the Future and instead leaned towards a heavy-handed, grandiose approach commonly found in big-budget films.

Although he found the beginning of the comic book adventure entertainingly exciting, he ultimately concluded that the storyline lacked coherence and didn’t quite add up.

According to his statement, the concept of a multiverse allows for endless possibilities to explore by altering events from the past. This can lead to an excessive amount of elements being included in a production, overwhelming the audience with everything but the kitchen sink.

You can catch The Flash in UK theaters starting on June 16th.

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