The husband of Julie Goodyear, who is famous for portraying the character of Bet Lynch in Coronation Street, has disclosed that she has been diagnosed with dementia. This news has left the family devastated.

According to Scott Brand, the actress had consulted with medical professionals regarding her memory loss. However, there is no possibility of a restoration of her memory.

From 1966 to 2003, the role of a barmaid who adored leopard-skin was portrayed by Goodyear, who is

According to Mr. Brand, he and his wife had to accept and cope with the sad diagnosis.

Regrettably, Julie has been experiencing memory loss for a while and we have been consulting medical professionals for guidance and help. However, it has been confirmed that her condition is irreversible and will only continue to deteriorate, potentially at a rapid pace.

The decision has been made to publicly disclose Julie’s diagnosis because she enjoys spending time with friends and dining out. However, when she is tired, she can become disoriented, which can be difficult for both her and her fans. The hope is that people will be understanding of her situation.

Goodyear played an influential role in making Bet Lynch a prominent and beloved character in the ITV soap opera, earning her the distinction of being one of its longest-serving characters.

The female performer made appearances on reality television programs such as Celebrity Big Brother and Celebrity Fit Club.

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