Critics Divided on Ezra Miller’s Performance in The Flash Movie

The movie The Flash, featuring American actor Ezra Miller, who is known to have had some personal issues, has been reviewed by film critics who have shared their opinions on the new DC Comics superhero film.

The first solo movie of the superhero was highly awaited. However, the production of the movie was uncertain because Miller had been detained multiple times and was receiving treatment for his mental health problems.

According to reviews from The Times and The Guardian, the character in question received a low rating of two stars. The Guardian specifically criticized the character’s facial expressions, describing them as exaggerated and unappealing

The Evening Standard praised the movie as being one of the greatest superhero films of the 21st century thus far.

In January, Miller admitted to unlawfully trespassing at a neighbor’s home but was able to avoid going to prison. They prefer to be referred to with they/them pronouns.

They were placed on probation and instructed to abstain from drugs and adhere to mental health therapy.

Miller portrays the character of Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, in the Justice League. He is a police forensic investigator who has the ability to move at a speed beyond human capabilities

The protagonist goes back in time to save his mother from a wrongful death that led to his father’s conviction. During his journey, he also guides his younger self, but his actions result in unforeseen outcomes.

Kevin Maher criticized the work as a chaotic and unsuccessful adventure through multiple universes in his article for The Times.

According to him, the producers of Flash tried to tackle Miller’s legal and personal issues by incorporating a dialogue that seemed to acknowledge the issue.

According to Maher’s writing, when our hero came across a witness who had experienced trauma, they recommended seeking the help of a mental health expert because the Justice League is not particularly skilled in that area.

After a brief moment of silence, the actor looks at the camera and turns halfway before saying, "You can believe me!" This line, delivered in a movie that relies heavily on exploiting popular culture for profit, comes across as insensitive and lacking in taste.

In addition, the movie includes brief appearances by former superheroes such as Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck’s portrayals of Batman as well as Gal Gadot’s version of Wonder Woman.

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Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian observed that there were stunning and bizarre portrayals of the different versions of DC superheroes, and the unexpected appearance of an almost obscure Bruce Wayne character received a humorous response.

According to him, the movie lacks original concepts and creative reinterpretations. He also mentioned that it does not measure up to the highly praised animation experiment seen in the recent Spider-Man films. However, he acknowledged that comparing DC and Marvel can lead to a divisive discussion.

The intelligence present in this copyrighted material is gradually diminishing.

The film received a three-star rating from Clarisse Loughrey of The Independent, who described it as confusing yet emotional, and also highlighted the ethical complexities of the character portrayed by Ezra Miller.

According to the writer, the release or cancellation of Miller’s movie would not benefit anyone. Regardless of the outcome, Warner Bros would not take responsibility for the impact on its employees and would prioritize the fate of its product.

Despite any criticisms, she expressed admiration for the writers‘ examination of grief and Miller’s impressive dual performances, which transformed a character who was previously only known for being annoying.

David Fear, a critic for Rolling Stone, expressed greater enthusiasm for the movie, stating that it was the best film to emerge from the recent partnership between Warner Bros. and DC Comics, following the completion of director Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy.

The main advantage of the film is Keaton’s performance. He not only delivers his role excellently but also understands how to fit into the intricate storyline of the film. Surprisingly, his character is in sync with the overall theme of The Flash.

According to Charlotte O’Sullivan of The Evening Standard, the film contains moments of brilliance that fans will appreciate. Meanwhile, David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter noted that the movie is entertaining, but it spends more time repeating old ideas rather than introducing fresh ones.

According to him, Miller, who plays the "troubled star" in the film, is its most valuable feature as he brings in humor, emotional depth and a sense of vulnerability which is uncommon in superhero movies.

Owen Gleiberman, a critic for Variety, provided a mostly unfavorable evaluation of The Flash. He stated that the movie lacks the lightheartedness found in Back to the Future and instead has an excessive focus on being a grandiose blockbuster with little substance.

Although he found the beginning of the comic book adventure that involved time travel and heroism to be entertaining and exciting, he ultimately came to the conclusion that the plot lacked coherence and failed to make sense.

According to him, manipulating the past creates a vast array of possibilities which can be used to overwhelm the audience with various elements, going beyond just the Batcave.

Starting from the 16th of June, The Flash movie will be shown in

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Actor Miller, who stars in The Flash, has undergone treatment

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