Ezra Miller’s portrayal of the DC superhero, The Flash, in the latest movie has been reviewed by film critics. The troubled US actor’s performance has been under scrutiny as the movie received mixed reviews.

The superhero’s highly awaited debut movie was uncertain due to Miller’s multiple arrests and his need for mental health treatment.

Two major newspapers, The Times and The Guardian, each gave the performance a rating of two stars. The Guardian reviewer criticized the character, describing them as having a distorted, grinning expression and appearing dis

The Evening Standard praised it as being among the top superhero films of the 21st Century thus far.

Miller, who identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, was able to avoid incarceration earlier this year by admitting to unlawfully entering a neighbor’s property.

The individuals were placed on probation and instructed to abstain from drugs and alcohol while continuing to receive treatment for their mental health

In the Justice League, Miller acts as Barry Allen, also known as The Flash. Barry is a member of the police force and works as a forensic investigator. He possesses the ability to

The protagonist goes back in time with the aim of stopping his mother’s death, which his father was falsely accused of. Along the way, he also guides his younger self, leading to unforeseen outcomes.

According to Kevin Maher’s article in The Times, the event was described as a major misadventure in a vast multiverse.

According to him, the producers of the Flash movie tried to deal with Miller’s well-known personal and legal issues by including a line in the script that acknowledges the issue.

Maher wrote that when our hero was confronted by a witness who had experienced trauma, he recommended that they consult a mental health expert. He added that the Justice League is not yet proficient in that aspect.

After a moment of silence, the person on screen looks directly at the camera and says, "Trust me!" This line is particularly inappropriate given the questionable morality of the film, which mainly focuses on rehashing popular cultural references for the sake of profit.

In the movie, there are appearances by veteran superheroes like Batmen played by Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, as well as Wonder Woman portrayed by Gal Gadot.

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Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian observed that the movie showcased some amazing and bizarre depictions of the different versions of DC superheroes. Additionally, the appearance of an old version of Bruce Wayne, which had been almost forgotten, caused a humorous reaction from the audience.

According to him, the movie lacks original concepts or innovative perspectives. He also mentions that it cannot be compared to the highly praised animation experiment featured in recent Spider-Man films, which caused a division between fans of DC and Marvel.

The level of intelligence present in this property that is protected by intellectual property laws is

Clarisse Loughrey of The Independent gave the film a rating of three stars. According to her, the movie is complicated, touching, and ethically challenging, largely due to Ezra Miller’s performance.

According to the writer, it is unlikely that anyone would benefit from either the release or cancellation of Miller’s movie. Regardless of the outcome, Warner Bros would be able to avoid any accountability and prioritize their product over their employees.

Although she had some criticisms, she still gave the writers credit for delving into the topic of grief. Additionally, she praised Miller for their exceptional double performance, which added depth to a character that was once only known for being annoying.

David Fear, a critic for Rolling Stone, expressed his strong admiration for the movie, stating that it was the best film to emerge from the recent collaboration between Warner Bros. and DC Comics. He made reference to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed trilogy, The Dark Knight.

The most valuable aspect of the movie is Keaton’s performance. He not only portrays his character excellently but also manages to fit into the intricate storyline seamlessly. Surprisingly, his character’s actions align with the overall objective of The Flash.

According to Charlotte O’Sullivan from The Evening Standard, there are moments of brilliance that fans would appreciate in the film. However, David Rooney from The Hollywood Reporter feels that while the movie is enjoyable, it spends more time repeating the same ideas rather than introducing new and innovative ones.

According to him, Miller, who is known for his problematic behavior, is actually the main strength of the movie. He brings in an element of humor, emotions, and fragility that is not usually seen in blockbuster superhero movies.

Owen Gleiberman from Variety provided a mostly unfavorable critique of The Flash. He expressed that the film lacks the fun and whimsy of Back to the Future and instead relies heavily on grandiose, but meaningless, blockbuster tropes.

The person found the beginning of the comic book story to be exciting and full of adventure, with a hero who travels through time and has a complex identity. However, upon finishing the story, they felt that it didn’t have a clear and logical plot.

According to him, when you play with the past, it creates numerous possibilities that can be used as an excuse to include everything in the story, even things that are not necessary.

You can catch The Flash in UK theaters starting on June 16th.

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