The movie "The Flash" featuring actor Ezra Miller as the DC Comics superhero has been reviewed by film critics. They have shared their opinions on the performance and the film itself. Miller, who has faced personal and professional challenges, is the lead actor in the movie.

The superhero’s highly anticipated debut movie was uncertain due to Miller’s repeated arrests and treatment for mental health problems.

Both The Times and The Guardian have given a low rating of two stars to the character. The Guardian has described the character as a messy and unpleasant one, with a face that has a forced grin and

The Evening Standard praised the movie as being among the top superhero films of the 21st century up until now.

Miller, who prefers to be referred to as they/them, was able to avoid being incarcerated in January by admitting to the charge of illegally entering a neighbor’s house.

They were given a probationary period during which they were instructed to abstain from drugs and alcohol and to continue receiving treatment

Miller portrays the character of Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, in the Justice League. Allen is a forensic investigator for the police department and has the ability to move at incredible speeds

In this story, the protagonist goes back in time to save his mother from dying, for which his father was falsely accused. Along the way, he also guides his younger self, but this leads to unforeseen outcomes.

Kevin Maher described it as a chaotic journey through multiple universes in his article for The Times.

According to him, the producers of Flash tried to handle Miller’s widely-known personal and legal issues by including a dialogue in the script that acknowledges the issue.

According to Maher, when confronted with a witness who has suffered trauma, the protagonist advises seeking help from a mental health expert, as the Justice League is not yet equipped to handle that aspect.

After a brief pause, the actor turns towards the camera and says "Trust me!" This line, in the midst of a movie that lacks moral integrity and focuses on exploiting the entertainment industry’s cultural archive, is quite distasteful.

In addition, the movie includes appearances from previous superheroes such as Batmen played by Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, as well as Wonder Woman portrayed by Gal Gadot.

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Peter Bradshaw, a writer for The Guardian, observed in his review that the movie contained stunning and bizarre scenes showcasing different versions of DC superheroes. He also mentioned that the appearance of Bruce Wayne, who had not been seen in a while, provoked laughter from the audience.

He stated that the movie lacked originality and a fresh perspective. He also acknowledged that his opinion might reignite the ongoing debate between DC and Marvel fans, but he believes that the movie cannot compete with the highly praised animated approach seen in recent Spider-Man films.

The intelligence or creativity that is the foundation of this particular type of property is slowly

The film received a three-star rating from Clarisse Loughrey of The Independent, who described it as complex, emotional, and morally ambiguous, largely due to the performance of Ezra Miller.

The release or cancellation of Miller’s movie would not provide any significant benefits to anyone, according to the writer. Instead, Warner Bros would be able to avoid taking responsibility and prioritize the success of their product over the well-being of their employees.

Even though she had some criticisms, she still commended the writers for their examination of sorrow, and Miller for their portrayal of two different characters, which improved "a previously annoying character who lacked any distinguishing characteristics."

According to David Fear, a critic for Rolling Stone, the new movie is the best one to have been produced through the recent partnership between Warner Bros and DC Comics. Fear made this claim while comparing the new movie to the Christopher Nolan-directed Dark Knight trilogy.

The most valuable aspect of the movie is Keaton’s performance. He not only delivers his character’s role excellently but also blends seamlessly into the complex storyline of the Flash movie. Surprisingly, his presence in the movie aligns perfectly with the overall objective of the Flash movie.

According to Charlotte O’Sullivan of The Evening Standard, viewers will appreciate the moments of brilliance in the film. Meanwhile, David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter stated that the movie is entertaining, even though it focuses more on repetition than innovation.

According to him, Miller, who is known to have problems, is actually the main advantage of the film. He provides humor, emotional depth, and a sense of fragility that isn’t typically associated with superhero characters in movies.

Owen Gleiberman from Variety provided a mostly unfavorable critique, stating that The Flash lacks the playful tone of Back to the Future and instead relies on an arbitrary sense of importance that is often seen in big-budget mythological films.

Although he found the beginning of the comic book adventure intriguing with its time-traveling superhero and identity twists, he came to the conclusion that the overall plot lacked coherence and failed to make sense.

According to him, when you manipulate the past, it creates countless possibilities, which can be used as an opportunity to bombard the audience with an excessive amount of content.

Starting from the 16th of June, The Flash will be showing in cinemas

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Actor Miller from The Flash has undergone treatment for mental health.


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