The trial of the person accused of killing Sgt Matiu Ratana has presented evidence in the form of CCTV footage. The footage shows the moment when the Met Police sergeant was shot with an old-fashioned revolver while he was in a custody holding cell in the southern part of London.

A 25-year-old named Louis De Zoysa is currently denying the charges of killing a 54-year-old named Matiu Ratana. The alleged murder was committed with a gun that was hidden in an underarm holster, at the Croydon Custody Centre

According to prosecutors, Louis De Zoysa intentionally fired the gun four times.

Duncan Penny KC stated that Mr. De Zoysa caused harm to himself during the fourth shot.

It is being claimed by the prosecution that Sergeant Ratana, who was on duty and also known as Matthew, was murdered while Mr. De Zoysa was in a holding cell with handcuffs on.

During the trial, Mr. Penny informed the jury that the accused had purchased an old firearm from an auction in June 2020. The firearm was legally obtained, and the accused had to make his own ammunition for it since the original ammunition is no longer produced.

According to the court, the officers who apprehended and investigated Mr. De Zoysa earlier that day did not discover that he had a loaded revolver in a holster.

During a trial at Northampton Crown Court, Mr Penny KC made a statement claiming that Louis De Zoysa had aimed his gun at Sgt Ratana according to the prosecution. Additionally, he stated that De Zoysa had deliberately pulled the trigger twice while pointing the gun at Sgt Ratana.

According to him, there exists visual evidence like CCTV footage and other videos that capture the incident.

According to the prosecutor, both the visual and sound recordings demonstrate that Louis De Zoysa was responsible for the death of Matthew Ratana.

During the first day of the trial on Tuesday, it was revealed in court that Mr. De Zoysa was hit by the fourth bullet in his neck which resulted in him experiencing brain damage.

The jurors were informed that the defendant will receive the help of an intermediary during his trial due to his communication difficulties. Additionally, he will use a whiteboard to aid in communication.

During his court appearance on Wednesday, Mr. Penny KC stated that he would speak using brief sentences and uncomplicated language. He explained that this was to ensure that Louis De Zoysa would be able to comprehend his message.

The prosecution initiated their argument by describing the occurrences that led to the shooting.

The jury was informed that Louis de Zoysa was strolling down Norbury’s London Road on the 25th of September 2020.

According to the prosecution, he was halted by the police while on the street, and the officers conducted a search on him while he was handcuffed. The jurors were also presented with footage from the officers‘ body-worn cameras.

When the police officers searched Louis De Zoysa, they discovered he had cannabis and seven rounds of ammunition on him. However, they failed to detect that he was also carrying a loaded revolver in a holster.

According to the court, it was likely that the gun and holster were hidden under one of his armpits.

At the age of 23, Mr. De Zoysa was escorted to Croydon Police Station and placed in a secure room while still wearing handcuffs.

According to the information presented to the jurors, Louis De Zoysa had concealed the gun and was able to aim it at Sgt Ratana, who was working at the time.

The individual intentionally fired a shot at Sgt Ratana from a short distance, striking him in the chest. No prior notification was given.

During the court proceedings, it was revealed that the other officers who were present during the incident could not prevent Mr. De Zoysa from firing the shot that caused a lethal injury to Sgt. Ratana’s left lung and heart. The prosecution is arguing that this action was done intentionally and with premeditation.

According to the court, additional gunshots were fired while the officers were struggling, and one of those shots caused injury to Mr. De Zoysa.

According to the prosecution, it is believed that another shot was purposely fired at Sgt Ratana, which struck him in the leg.

The cell was struck by the third shot.

According to the prosecution, it is believed that Mr. De Zoysa had access to the gun after being arrested and before he left the police van.

A person named Mr. De Zoysa from Banstead, Surrey has denied the accusation of committing murder.

The legal proceedings are ongoing.

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