During the World Test Championship final, Marnus Labuschagne was bowled by Mohammed Shami for 26 runs after the lunch break.

Sorry, but you cannot access this content from your current location. In the World Test Championship final at The Oval, India’s Mohammed Shami bowled out Australia’s Mohammed Shami for 26 in the second over after the lunch break on the first day of the match.

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Shami has bowled Labuschagne and sent his bails flying, as shown in a 31-second video.

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Former London Irish rugby player, Legend Ojo, speaks about the difficulties the team has faced, describing the experience as "heartbreaking". In a video interview lasting 1 minute and 45 seconds, Ojo shares his thoughts on the team

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Mac Allister has managed to score a goal using a very impressive backheel flick, which has been captured on video and can be seen in a 56-second clip.

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The UK government plans to test a new app designed to aid with the diagnosis and management of concussions. The app, which will be offered for free, aims to provide users with information on symptoms, treatment options

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