Pope Francis to undergo abdominal surgery for painful hernia at 86

The 86-year-old Pope Francis is scheduled to undergo abdominal surgery at Gemelli hospital in Rome on Wednesday afternoon.

As per the Vatican statement, the individual is anticipated to remain hospitalized for a few days to recuperate from the hernia surgery.

According to Matteo Bruni, a spokesperson for the Vatican, the hernia is responsible for causing repeated, deteriorating and painful symptoms.

The elderly person who is 86 years old has been experiencing various health problems lately and is dependent on a cane and a wheelchair because of a long-lasting knee problem.

The Vatican announced that the Pope’s medical team had determined that surgery was required after evaluating him in the past few days.

According to Mr. Bruni, in the early afternoon, he will have a laparotomy and surgery on his abdominal wall under general anesthesia.

He stated that the patient will be staying at the healthcare facility for a few days to ensure a smooth recovery process and full restoration of their normal functioning.

On Wednesday, Pope Francis conducted his regular audience without mentioning his upcoming surgery.

The Vatican’s press office has announced that all scheduled appearances by a particular individual have been cancelled until 18 June as a precautionary step.

On Tuesday, the Pope visited a hospital in Rome for a pre-arranged medical examination. This comes after he was hospitalized a few months ago due to bronchitis.

In March, he was admitted to the hospital for three days due to a lung infection. This happened during the same month that he commemorated the tenth anniversary of his pontificate.

Pope Francis was hospitalized for ten days in 2021 to have a portion of his colon removed due to a painful bowel condition. However, he has now disclosed that the condition has resurfaced.

In the previous month, he cancelled his Friday meetings because he had a high body temperature.

Although Pope Benedict XVI resigned in 2013, the current Pope has rejected any notion of stepping down from his position.

Last year, it is reported that he informed one of his assistants that the Church is not governed by force or aggression, but rather by intelligence and rational thinking.

Throughout his ten-year tenure as the leader of the Catholic Church, the Pope was generally believed to have enjoyed good health.

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