Lewis Capaldi has recently announced the cancellation of some of his scheduled concerts due to his admission of struggling both mentally and physically. This highlights the growing trend of musicians prioritizing their mental health.

The singer from Scotland expressed his desire to take a break from touring so that he can spend some time being himself as a regular person from Glasgow named Lewis.

Although many supporters have lost money, there is a significant amount of online admiration and encouragement for Lewis’s decision to prioritize his mental well-being.

There have been several popstars who have recently made the decision to take a break. The individual mentioned is not the only one.

Numerous well-known performers, such as Sam Fender, Wet Leg, and Arlo Parks, have recently called off their scheduled tour dates.

Does the fact that musicians are now taking time to care for themselves indicate a shift in the music industry?

The organization Help Musicians has observed a rise in the number of individuals availing Music Minds Matter, which is a specialized mental health service for the music industry.

According to Joe Hastings, the leader of the organization, artists may seem to lead a thrilling and luxurious life, but in reality, it can be quite the opposite.

According to him, the music industry involves a significant amount of work and pressure, which is not acknowledged enough by others.

The amount of pressure is immense due to demanding schedules, work hours that can disrupt social life, and frequent travelling.

Prioritizing one’s health is crucial to prevent experiencing burnout.

Joe believes that it holds significance when established artists like Lewis openly discuss their personal struggles as it can have a positive impact on other musicians.

The individual desires for artists to perceive their breaks as a valuable contribution towards their future growth and success.

Ruth Royall, a DJ and producer specializing in drum and bass music, shares this sentiment.

According to her, artists have historically been viewed as objects of trade, but with the increased focus on mental health discussions, the situation is improving.

Ruth from Bristol believes that Lewis made a very courageous choice, especially considering the effect it might have on his supporters and others.

According to her, she took a break to ensure she was prepared for a month-long tour abroad and a busy summer of performing at various festivals in the UK.

The music industry is known for its fast-paced lifestyle, and to cope with it, I decided to take a break from social media. Instead, I focused on spending quality time with my loved ones and friends.

While many of us may not have experienced a lifestyle where we constantly move from one job to the other, Tamsin Embleton, a music therapist, believes that we can all empathize with the stress that artists encounter.

Prior to becoming a therapist, she held a job as a booking agent within the music industry. Through this experience, she witnessed firsthand the exhaustive nature of touring.

According to her, it is necessary to maintain your top performance every day, even when you are in new surroundings with unfamiliar individuals.

Lewis has decided to cancel all his upcoming shows until Glastonbury, according to Tamsin. This decision was made in order to better manage his workload and ensure that he can handle the demands of his

It’s crucial to pace yourself. When organizing a tour for an artist, it’s essential to consider the areas in which they may face difficulties.

The focus should be on doing something that is achievable and can be maintained in the long run, rather than pushing yourself beyond your mental and physical capabilities due to excessive ambition.

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