Unfortunately, the video of the Ukraine dam breach rescue cannot be played at this time.

In order to watch this video, you must activate JavaScript on your browser. A dam has broken in the southern region of Ukraine that is controlled by Russia, leading to the evacuation and rescue of many thousands of individuals.

The regions that have been impacted extend from Nova Kakhovka to close to the Kosheva River bank. James Waterhouse from the BBC exhibits the magnitude of the consequences.

There is a state of emergency in Ukraine and Russian media suggests that a number of individuals are unaccounted for. The two nations have accused one another of being responsible for the security breach.

The video was edited by someone named Gem O’Reilly.

In just 62 seconds, you can watch a video of the rescue operation that took place after a dam breached in Ukraine. This video allows you to explore and learn more about the events that took place

Coming up next is a video showing a beaver’s exploration of the Kherson district following a dam breach. The video is 23 seconds long.

Following the destruction of a dam in Ukraine, thousands of people were forced to evacuate their flooded homes. A video clip lasting 52 seconds shows the extent of the damage caused by the flooded waters.

A video has been released showing the aftermath of a dam breach in Ukraine, which caused floods and forced people to evacuate their homes. The video is one minute long and captures the impact of the disaster.

The second day of the High Court trial saw Prince Harry’s arrival. Video footage shows him walking into the building.

In Colorado, a wildlife officer helped a bear that was stuck inside a car. The officer was captured on video as he worked to free the animal.

Observe a video of a thief who decides to abandon his attempt at robbing a liquor store. The footage lasts for 27 seconds.

During a BBC interview about floods, there were audible sounds of strikes in the background. The video of the interview is 29 seconds long.

Ros Atkins provides a detailed analysis of the situation in Ukraine where a dam has been breached. In a video that lasts for one minute and forty-one seconds, Atkins explains the intricacies

A video showcases the construction of rafts on the flooded Dnipro river. The floats are being built to navigate through the high waters.

Video footage shows water forcefully flowing through a damaged dam in Ukraine. The dam appears to have suffered significant damage, causing the water to gush out with great intensity. The video clip is 1

In Nova Kakhovka, there were sightings of swans swimming in the area. A video lasting 12 seconds captured the swans in action.

In 2023, the BBC has stated that it is not accountable for any content found on external websites. They have also explained their approach to linking to such sites.

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