The video of the rescue operation after the dam breach in Ukraine lasts only 62 seconds and is currently unavailable for viewing.

In order to watch the video, you must activate JavaScript on your web browser. A breaking of a dam in the region of southern Ukraine controlled by Russia’s Nova Kakhovka has led to the evacuation and rescue of numerous citizens.

The regions impacted extend from Nova Kakhovka up to the vicinity of the Kosheva River bank, as demonstrated by James Waterhouse of the BBC, who illustrates the magnitude of the consequences.

There has been a declaration of a state of emergency in Ukraine and according to Russian media, some individuals are unaccounted for. Each nation is pointing fingers at the other for the security breach.

The video was edited by someone named Gem O’Reilly.

Discover further by watching a one-minute video that showcases the rescue operation during the dam breach in Ukraine. The video captures the entire rescue process in just 62 seconds.

Coming up next, there is a video of a beaver that is seen exploring the Kherson district after a dam broke. The beaver is seen in the video, and it lasts for 23 seconds.

In Ukraine, a dam was destroyed which resulted in the flooding of residential areas. As a result, thousands of people had to leave their homes for safety reasons. A video of the incident is available

A video showing floods and evacuations caused by a dam breach in Ukraine has been released. The video has a duration of one minute.

The second day of the High Court hearing saw Prince Harry arriving at the court. A video clip shows his arrival, which lasted for 16 seconds.

A video shows a wildlife officer in Colorado freeing a bear that was stuck inside a car. The officer successfully managed to release the animal from the vehicle.

Observe the time when a thief abandoned their attempt to rob a liquor store. There is a video recording that lasts for 27 seconds capturing the moment.

The sound of strikes was audible in the background of a BBC interview regarding floods. A 29-second video captured the moment.

In this video, Ros Atkins provides an in-depth analysis of the dam breach that occurred in Ukraine. Through his explanation, he aims to unravel the details of the event and provide a

Video footage shows the construction of rafts on the flooded Dnipro River. The rafts are being built to navigate through the high water levels of the river. The video is 22 seconds

A video footage of a damaged dam in Ukraine shows water rapidly flowing through it. The dam appears to have sustained significant damage, which has resulted in the forceful and powerful rush of water. The

A video lasting for 12 seconds shows swans swimming in Nova Kakhovka. The graceful birds were spotted moving through the area.

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