The video of the rescue operation after the dam breach in Ukraine lasts only 62 seconds and is currently unplayable.

In order to watch this video, you must activate JavaScript on your web browser. A rupture in a dam situated in the southern region of Ukraine, which is under the control of Russia, has caused the evacuation and rescue of numerous individuals.

The regions that have been impacted extend from Nova Kakhovka to the vicinity of the Kosheva River’s shore. James Waterhouse of the BBC provides a visual representation of the extent of the damage.

According to reports from Russian media, there are people missing after a security breach, which has resulted in Ukraine declaring a state of emergency. Each country is pointing fingers at the other as the cause of the

The video was modified by Gem O’Reilly.

Take a deeper look into the Ukraine dam breach rescue in just 62 seconds by watching the video.

Coming up next, there’s a video of a beaver that is seen wandering around Kherson district after a dam breach. The beaver seems to be exploring the area. The video lasts for 23 seconds.

In Ukraine, a dam was destroyed, causing flooding in the surrounding areas. As a result, thousands of residents have had to leave their homes to seek safety. A video lasting 52 seconds shows

A video footage of floods and evacuations after the breach of a dam in Ukraine is available. The video is one minute long and shows the aftermath of the breach.

The editor has suggested that Prince Harry has made his way to the High Court for the second day. There is also a 16-second video available showing Prince Harry’s arrival at the High Court.

A bear was rescued from a car by a wildlife officer in Colorado. There is a one-minute and six-second video of the incident. The officer is seen freeing the bear from the

See the video of a thief who decides to abandon his plan to rob a liquor store. The clip is only 27 seconds long.

During an interview with the BBC regarding floods, the sound of strikes was audible. The interview was captured in a 29-second video.

In this video, Ros Atkins provides an explanation of the dam breach that occurred in Ukraine. He breaks down the details and discusses the implications of the incident.

A video shows the construction of rafts on the flooded Dnipro river.

A video has surfaced showing water forcefully flowing through a damaged dam in Ukraine. The video lasts for one minute and thirty-two seconds.

A video of swans swimming through Nova Kakhovka has been captured. The footage is 12 seconds long.

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