Large numbers of individuals in North America are facing hazardous air quality levels due to the raging wildfires in Canada. The situation has affected tens of millions of people.

Smoke covered extensive regions of Ontario and Quebec, and an orange mist lingered over a significant portion of the north-eastern United States from Tuesday to Wednesday. The air quality in Toronto and New York temporarily placed them among the cities with the most severe air pollution globally.

The majority of the smoke is originating from Quebec, where a total of 160 fires are currently ablaze.

Officials in Canada have reported that the country is heading towards its most severe wildfire season ever recorded.

According to specialists, the trend is caused by a spring that has been warmer and drier than usual. These weather conditions are predicted to persist during the summer months.

On Tuesday, Environment Canada declared that the air quality in Ottawa posed a significant threat to people’s health, categorizing it as a "very high risk."

The air quality in Toronto and its nearby regions was categorized as having a high level of risk.

The air quality in most of the north-eastern region of the US was labeled as "unhealthy" by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), particularly for individuals who have pre-existing respiratory problems.

It is estimated that approximately 100 million individuals across North America are currently under some type of air quality advisory.

The skyline of New York City was covered by a hazy orange layer, which also covered famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty.

Mayor Eric Adams has announced that outdoor activities in public schools within the city have been halted without a specific end date due to potential worsening weather conditions expected later in the day.

He advised all residents of New York to reduce their outdoor activities as much as possible.

People who live in the area reported that on Wednesday morning, they detected a scent similar to that of a fire from a campsite.

Air quality levels in Washington DC were classified as "code red" on Wednesday morning, indicating hazardous air quality. Meanwhile, Detroit was ranked as the fifth most polluted location in the world on the IQAir air pollution rankings.

Health authorities have advised individuals to avoid outdoor exercise and to reduce their contact with smoke as much as feasible, since the air quality presents both immediate and long-term health hazards.

The worsening air conditions have caused a region in Quebec, specifically the Atikamekw community of Opitciwan, which is located 350 km (217 miles) north of Montreal, to relocate individuals who are affected by asthma and other respiratory problems due to the smoke.

Wildfires in Canada have already scorched over 3.3 million hectares of land, which is 12 times more than the average for this time of year in the past decade.

Numerous individuals have been forced to leave their homes and relocate to safer areas

In addition to Quebec, large-scale wildfires are currently raging across several Canadian provinces, including British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and the Northwest Territories.

The danger of wildfires is amplified by climate change which intensifies the likelihood of hot and parched weather.

Since the start of the industrial era, the Earth has warmed by approximately 1.2 degrees Celsius. However, if governments worldwide do not significantly reduce emissions, temperatures will continue to rise.

What are the effects of wildfire smoke on your health? According to experts, being exposed to wildfire smoke can lead to a range of health problems.

According to Matthew Adams, who is a professor and the head of the Centre of Urban Environments at the University of Toronto, inhaling smoke from wildfires can cause various immediate health effects such as breathing difficulties, increased heart rate, chest discomfort, or irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat.

According to Prof Adams, during days with high levels of air pollution, there is a rise in hospital visits. Typically, those who visit the hospital already have a respiratory disease.

According to Professor Adams, exposure to wildfire smoke can result in severe and persistent health problems, such as cancer or lung disease. This is especially true for individuals residing in regions that frequently experience forest fires.

According to him, the smoke haze contains tiny particles that can penetrate the human body’s bloodstream and other organs, potentially leading to DNA mutations and various health problems.

According to Professor Adams, research has indicated that being exposed to wildfire smoke for an extended period of time can have an impact on expectant mothers and their fetuses.

Prof Adams recommends that individuals residing in cities that are distant from the fires but are currently under air advisories should restrict their outdoor activities to minimize inhaling the smoke from the wildfires.

He advised not to worry too much about it and instead suggested staying indoors to limit one’s exposure.

Prof Adams suggested that people living in regions near the wildfires should put on an N95 mask when they go outside to prevent them from inhaling smoke particles.

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