During the summer, security officers at Heathrow airport are planning to go on strike, which may potentially disrupt travel for passengers at the busiest airport in the UK.

Approximately 2,000 officers who belong to the Unite union are set to go on strike for a period of 31 days starting from June 24th and ending on August 27

The terminals 3 and 5 will experience changes in their procedures for checking non-passengers, which may lead to lines forming at the security checkpoints.

According to Unite, the pay dispute with the airport has escalated significantly.

According to the report, the employees declined a 10.1% pay proposal that fell below the inflation rate. The report also highlighted that the current RPI inflation rate stands at 11.4%.

Despite previous strikes, Heathrow’s contingency measures have ensured that passengers haven’t been majorly affected. However, the upcoming strikes will involve terminal 3 workers – a new development.

Heathrow airport is a highly trafficked airport globally, and individuals from all regions of the United Kingdom could potentially encounter its impacts.

According to the transport correspondent Katy Austin from BBC, there is a possibility of longer waiting times for security checks due to the strikes. However, it is currently uncertain if any airlines will decide to cancel their flights.

The planned strikes will happen during peak travel periods, which include the Eid festival on June 28, 29, and 30, the start of school vacations on July 21-24, and the August bank holiday on August 24-27.

According to a representative from Heathrow, the airport is committed to taking all necessary measures to reduce any inconvenience caused by the strikes.

The labor union called Unite has previously attempted to cause chaos at the airport by organizing strikes on days when it was busiest, but they were unsuccessful. In the meantime, we are devising strategies to ensure that travelers are not inconvenienced during any future industrial action

It is true that most coworkers are not in favor of the strikes organized by Unite. A pay increase that exceeds two years of inflation has already been prepared for them, but Unite needs to give them the opportunity to express their opinion before it can be implemented.

The statement mentioned that discussions aimed at finding a solution to the conflict with Unite would be ongoing.

The days on which the strike will

Heathrow is currently facing strikes while trying to rebound from the effects of the pandemic. During the first quarter of this year, the airport’s operator suffered a loss of £139 million.

According to Sharon Graham from the Unite union, the airport has made a mistake with its priorities. She believes that the airport is a financially successful company that is expecting large profits this summer and a significant increase in executive pay.

This year, members of the PCS union who work at Heathrow’s Border Force went on several individual strikes. As a result, the government decided to bring in military personnel to take over their duties at entry gates.

Since last summer, numerous UK industries have experienced worker strikes, with hundreds of thousands participating.

The majority of people are requesting better terms and conditions for their work and for their pay to keep up with the increasing cost of living, which is currently increasing at its highest rate in almost four decades.

During the previous summer, airports were in a state of disorder due to strikes and a lack of personnel, which occurred at the same time as an increase in travel demand following the pandemic.

On Wednesday, Wayne King, who serves as the regional co-ordinating officer at Unite, stated that customers should anticipate a continuation of the present situation.

Due to the strike action, it is unavoidable that there will be lateness, disturbance, and annulments. However, it is entirely Heathrow Airport’s fault for creating this disagreement.

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