The movie The Flash, which features Ezra Miller as the lead actor, has been reviewed by film critics. These critics have shared their opinions on the latest DC Comics superhero movie.

The debut solo movie of the superhero was uncertain due to Miller’s repeated arrests and his need for mental health treatment, causing much anticipation among fans.

Both The Times and The Guardian newspapers rated the performance with two stars. The Guardian critic described the character as a messy and smirking person.

The Evening Standard praised the movie as being among the greatest superhero films of the 21st century thus far.

Miller, who prefers to be referred to as they/them, was able to avoid going to jail by pleading guilty to the charge of unlawfully entering their neighbor’s property in January.

They were given probation and instructed to abstain from drugs and alcohol while continuing to receive mental health treatment.

In the Justice League, Miller portrays Barry Allen, also known as The Flash. He is a forensic investigator for the police and has the ability to move at incredible speeds due to his super

The protagonist goes back in time to save his mother’s life and clear his father’s name, who was falsely accused of her death. However, while mentoring his younger self, unforeseen outcomes occur.

According to Kevin Maher’s article in The Times, it was described as a misadventure in a vast multiverse.

According to him, the producers of the Flash movie tried to handle Miller’s well-known personal and legal issues by incorporating a line in the script that seems to acknowledge the issue.

Maher wrote that when confronted with a witness who has experienced trauma, the hero recommends seeking assistance from a mental health expert. The Justice League is not currently proficient in this area.

After a brief pause and a sideways glance at the camera, the speaker utters the phrase "Trust me!" This statement comes across as inappropriate given the questionable morality of the movie, which appears to focus on recycling the established cultural norms of a large entertainment corporation.

In the movie, there are appearances made by previous superheroes such as Batmen portrayed by Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, as well as Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot.

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Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian observed that the DC superheroes were portrayed in a visually stunning and dreamlike manner. He also mentioned that the unexpected appearance of an older version of Bruce Wayne elicited a humorous response from the audience.

In his statement, he expressed that the movie did not introduce any fresh concepts or innovative approaches. He also mentioned that it did not measure up to the highly acclaimed animation experiment in the latest Spider-Man movies. He acknowledged the potential of reigniting the DC/Marvel rivalry with his comment.

The intelligence within this property that is protected by law is gradually diminishing.

The film was reviewed by Clarisse Loughrey from The Independent, who gave it a rating of three stars. Loughrey described the film as being confusing, sentimental and difficult to judge morally, in part due to Ezra Miller’s performance.

According to the author’s opinion, the release or cancellation of Miller’s movie does not seem to benefit anyone. Instead, it allows Warner Bros to avoid taking responsibility and solely concentrate on the success or failure of their product rather than the well-being of their employees.

Despite her criticisms, she commended the writers for their examination of the emotions associated with loss, and Miller for their impressive portrayal of two distinct roles, ultimately transforming a character who was once only known for being bothersome.

David Fear, a critic for Rolling Stone, expressed strong enthusiasm for the movie, stating that it was the best to come out of the recent collaboration between Warner Bros. and DC Comics, which followed the success of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy.

The main advantage of the movie is Keaton’s performance, in which he not only does an excellent job of reprising his character but also manages to seamlessly fit into the intricate storyline. Surprisingly, his character aligns perfectly with the overall theme and message of The Flash.

According to Charlotte O’Sullivan from The Evening Standard, viewers would appreciate the occasional moments of excellence in the movie. On the other hand, David Rooney from The Hollywood Reporter stated that the film was entertaining, although it focused more on repetition rather than innovation.

According to him, the "troubled star" Miller ended up being the most valuable aspect of the film, as he provided humor, heart, and a sense of vulnerability that is not typically found in superheroes on the big screen.

Owen Gleiberman from Variety provided a mostly unfavorable critique of The Flash, stating that the film lacks the lightheartedness of Back to the Future and instead focuses on grandiose blockbuster themes without much substance.

Although he found the beginning of the comic book adventure entertaining and exciting, he ultimately came to the conclusion that the storyline lacked coherence and didn’t make much sense. The protagonist’s time-warp heroics and identity were certainly intriguing, but the overall plot left him feeling confused and unsatisfied.

According to him, when one messes with the past, it leads to endless possibilities and allows for a variety of elements to be thrown at the audience, almost as if throwing everything except for the kitchen sink.

From the 16th of June, the movie The Flash will be showing at

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