According to President Volodymyr Zelensky, many Ukrainians are currently facing difficulties in obtaining safe drinking water due to the destruction of the Kakhovka dam. The destruction has left hundreds of thousands of people without proper access to drinking water.

According to him, a large number of people are still stranded in flooded regions in southern Ukraine. He blamed Russia for not providing assistance to those who are stuck in the areas they govern.

There are concerns that the levels of water may increase even more.

Both Ukraine and Russia have blamed each other for the explosion of the dam on Tuesday. However, the BBC cannot confirm or verify either of these allegations.

On Wednesday, many people were being evacuated from Ukraine’s Kherson region due to a large-scale disaster. New satellite images reveal that the damage is extensive throughout the area.

In a photograph, a port and industrial zone in Kherson, the regional capital that is under the control of Ukraine, was seen to be submerged in water.

According to the Tass news agency, Russian emergency services reported that the water levels will remain high for a period ranging from three to ten days.

The United Nations cautioned that if the dam is destroyed, it could lead to serious and long-lasting effects for numerous individuals.

According to the UN aid chief, Martin Griffiths, it will take a few days to fully understand the extent of the disaster.

In a post on his Telegram channel, President Zelensky stated that the calamity had impacted a minimum of 100,000 individuals, with tens of thousands of them still present in the affected region.

According to him, a large number of individuals are currently experiencing a lack of regular access to safe drinking water.

The services offered by our organization are actively assisting those in need, but unfortunately, our reach is limited to the areas under Ukrainian control. The occupiers in the parts of Ukraine occupied by Russia have not made any efforts to provide aid to the local population.

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Ukraine and Russia have both confirmed that they have removed over 1,000 individuals from the affected area.

According to Ukrainian authorities, a total of 40,000 individuals need to evacuate from the conflict zone, with 17,000 located in the territory west of the Dnipro River controlled by Ukraine and 25,000 in the eastern region occupied by Russia.

According to the latest news bulletin by Ukrainian TV, as of Wednesday morning, 23 areas are still experiencing flooding.

The authorities in Kherson, who were put in place by Russia, have announced a state of emergency in the areas of the region that they govern.

According to certain accounts, the water levels in the nearby town of Nova Kakhovka could be decreasing as the extensive reservoir behind the dam is being depleted at a rapid pace.

The governor of Kherson, Oleksandr Prokudin, has reported to Interfax Ukraine news agency that the flood waters in Kherson may not reach their highest point for another 20 hours.

According to Mr. Prokudin, the military of Russia has bombed certain areas of the region, such as the city of Kherson, multiple times. As a result, one person died and one was injured.

The mayor of Nova Kakhovka, Vladimir Leontyev, who was appointed by the Russian government, has reported that the village of Korsunka is now fully submerged due to flooding. Additionally, three other villages are also experiencing flooding that has risen up to the level of the roofs of

Several people who lived in the area were observed making frantic efforts to protect their possessions inside their houses, which were almost submerged due to the high water levels

The Kakhovka dam is located below the massive Kakhovka reservoir and serves as a source of water for farmers, residents, and the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Additionally, it is an important conduit for transporting water towards the Russian-controlled territory of Crimea.

Ukraine’s state-owned hydropower plants administrator, Ukrhydroenergo, has cautioned that a massive water spill from the drained reservoir is anticipated to reach its peak on Wednesday morning.

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In order to watch this video, you must activate JavaScript on your browser. The video showcases the aftermath of a dam breach in Ukraine, including floods and evacuations.

According to the statement, there will be a phase of "stabilization" after this, and the water level is predicted to decrease quickly within four to five days.

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which is the biggest in Europe, is causing worries due to its cooling system that relies on water from a reservoir.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has reported that the situation at the plant is currently stable and there is no immediate danger to nuclear safety.

The issue of desertification is also worrying, as flood waters can cause erosion of agricultural land and the adverse effects of the flooding may persist for a long period.

According to the agriculture ministry of Ukraine, a significant area of agricultural land on the Ukrainian side of the Dnipro river, approximately 10,000 hectares, has been affected by flooding. The damage on the occupied side is reported to be several times more than this.

Viktoriia Yeremenko, a resident of Kherson who is 57 years old, reported that her home in the city was destroyed in February. As a result, she relocated to her son’s apartment in the Neftehavan area. Unfortunately, she stated that the apartment is now inundated with water due to flooding.

She informed the BBC that everyone was optimistic that the flood would not be as extreme as it turned out to be. She shared her experience of experiencing a sense of fear and

We own a total of five dogs. Unfortunately, we had to leave our cats behind as we did not anticipate the severity of the flood. We are worried that the water may rise beyond the second floor level, and we hope that our cats manage to survive the ordeal.

I will wait and observe the situation. I am unsure of the appropriate actions to take.

On Tuesday, Ukraine reported that two of its law enforcement officers sustained injuries during Russian shelling while they were carrying out the evacuation of local residents.

According to officials appointed by the Kremlin, there has been severe flooding in the small town of Oleshky nearby. The residents of the town have reported that some houses are almost submerged and many elderly people are stranded on rooftops, waiting to be rescued.

The reason for the dam breach is still uncertain, however, Ukraine’s military intelligence has alleged that Russia intentionally caused the explosion to obstruct the anticipated Ukrainian counter-attack.

Russia has accused Ukraine of being responsible for the attack on the dam. They claim that the purpose of the attack was to divert attention from the counter-offensive failures of Kyiv and to cause a shortage of fresh water in Crimea. Crimea was annexed by Russia in 2014 and is located in the southern region of Ukraine.

The Geneva Conventions have specifically prohibited the targeting of dams during times of war. This is because attacking dams can put the lives of civilians at

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In order to watch the video, you must activate JavaScript on your browser. President Zelensky posted a video of the dam on the social media platform, Telegram.

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