The movie The Flash, featuring American actor Ezra Miller, who has faced personal issues, has been reviewed by film critics who shared their opinions on the DC Comics superhero film.

The release of the superhero’s upcoming individual movie was uncertain due to Miller’s repeated arrests and his seeking of mental health treatment.

Both The Times and The Guardian awarded the production two stars each, and The Guardian criticized the main character as appearing distorted and unattractive due to excessive grinning and smirking.

The Evening Standard praised the movie as being among the top superhero films of the 21st century thus far.

Miller, who prefers to be referred to with gender-neutral pronouns, managed to avoid imprisonment earlier this year by admitting guilt to the crime of unlawful trespassing on a neighbor’s property.

They were placed under probationary status and instructed to abstain from substance abuse while continuing their mental health treatment.

In the Justice League, Miller portrays Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, who is a forensic investigator in the police department and has the ability to run at extremely fast speeds.

The protagonist goes back in time to save his mother’s life, for which his father was mistakenly found guilty. Along with this, he also guides his younger self, but this leads to unexpected outcomes.

In an article for The Times, Kevin Maher labeled it as a "huge mishap in the multiverse".

According to him, the producers of the Flash movie tried to deal with the personal and legal issues that Miller has faced in the public eye by including a dialogue that seemingly acknowledges the situation within the movie.

According to Maher, when our hero was speaking to an eyewitness who had experienced trauma, they advised them to consider consulting with a mental health professional. Our hero acknowledged that the Justice League is not yet equipped to provide this kind of assistance.

After a brief moment of silence, the actor turns towards the camera and gives a mischievous look before saying, "Believe me!" This line, given the context of a film that lacks moral clarity and primarily focuses on rehashing old entertainment material of a large corporation, appears quite distasteful.

In addition, the movie showcases brief appearances by classic superheroes such as the Batmen portrayed by Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, as well as Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot.

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According to Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian, "Justice League" features impressive and unusual depictions of different DC superheroes, and the surprising appearance of an old version of Bruce Wayne elicits laughter from the audience.

The speaker stated that the movie lacks originality and innovative thinking. They also mentioned that, without intending to stir up conflict between DC and Marvel fans, the movie falls short in comparison to the highly praised animation techniques used in recent Spider-Man films.

The intelligence within this form of property is being depleted.

Clarisse Loughrey of The Independent rated the movie with three stars and described it as a confusing, emotional and ethically challenging film, mainly due to Ezra Miller’s performance.

According to the writer, there doesn’t seem to be any clear benefit for anyone if Miller’s movie is either released or cancelled. Instead, Warner Bros can avoid taking responsibility and solely concentrate on the success of their product, disregarding the well-being of their employees.

Although she had some criticisms, she commended the writers for delving into the theme of mourning and appreciated Miller’s acting skills for portraying two distinct characters, ultimately transforming a previously annoying character into a more multifaceted one.

According to David Fear, a critic for Rolling Stone, the latest movie from the collaboration between Warner Bros. and DC Comics is the best one yet. He specifically compared it to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, which he believed was the standard for modern superhero films.

One of the best things about the movie is its lead actor. Keaton not only delivers a great performance as his character, but he also manages to fit seamlessly into the complex storyline of the film. Surprisingly, his character’s actions and motivations align perfectly with the overall goals of The Flash.

According to Charlotte O’Sullivan of The Evening Standard, fans will appreciate the moments of brilliance in the film. David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter stated that the movie provides pleasurable amusement, although it dwells on redundant ideas rather than innovating them.

According to him, Miller, who has had some problems, is actually the most valuable part of the movie, as he brings in humor, emotion, and a sensitivity that is not usually present in superheroes on the big screen.

Owen Gleiberman from Variety didn’t have a positive opinion about The Flash. He criticized the movie for lacking the fun and light-hearted tone of Back to the Future and instead relying on arbitrary and grandiose blockbuster themes.

He found the beginning of the comic book story about time-traveling heroes and identity interesting, but in the end, he felt that it didn’t have much logic to it.

According to him, manipulating the past can create a wide range of potential outcomes, leading to an excessive use of various elements to entertain the viewers.

Starting on June 16th, The Flash will be showing in cinemas across the

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