During the trial, it was revealed that the suspect intentionally shot and killed a police sergeant with an antique revolver that he had concealed at a custody center. The victim was identified as Sgt Matiu Ratana, who worked for the Metropolitan Police. The accused individual is now facing charges of murder.

Louis De Zoysa, a 25-year-old individual, has pleaded not guilty to the charge of murdering Sgt Matiu Ratana, who was 54 years old. The murder was committed using a gun that was hidden in an underarm holster at Croydon custody center in South London in

According to prosecutors, Louis De Zoysa deliberately fired his weapon four times.

According to Duncan Penny KC, it was stated that Mr. De Zoysa hurt himself while firing the fourth shot.

The accusation made by the prosecution is that Sgt Ratana, who also went by the name Matthew and was the custody sergeant on duty at the time, lost his life while Mr De Zoysa was in custody and restrained with handcuffs inside a holding cell.

According to the argument, Mr. De Zoysa purchased an antique firearm at an auction in June 2020, which was lawful to possess. Since the ammunition for the gun was no longer produced, he had to create his own bullets.

According to jurors, the officers who apprehended and inspected the accused person earlier on the same day did not discover a loaded gun in a holder that Mr. De Zoysa was carrying.

According to Mr Penny KC, Louis De Zoysa allegedly aimed his gun at Sgt Ratana and deliberately fired it twice. The prosecution is making this claim.

During the trial at Northampton Crown Court, Mr. Penny KC informed the jury that there exists CCTV footage and other videos that depict the incident.

According to the prosecutor, both the video and audio evidence demonstrate that Louis De Zoysa was responsible for the murder of Matthew Ratana.

During the start of the trial on Tuesday, it was revealed in court that the fourth bullet struck Mr. De Zoysa in the neck, resulting in brain damage.

According to the information provided to the jurors, the defendant will receive support from a mediator and will be using a whiteboard due to challenges with communication during his trial.

During the court session on Wednesday, Mr. Penny KC stated that he would speak using short sentences and basic vocabulary. The reason behind this was to ensure that Louis De Zoysa could easily comprehend his words.

The legal team representing the accusers began their argument by describing the sequence of incidents that preceded the act of firing a weapon.

The jury was informed that Louis de Zoysa was strolling along Norbury’s London Road on September 25th, 2020.

According to the prosecution, the police stopped him on the street, searched him, and then handcuffed him. The jurors were able to see the footage from the officers‘ body-worn cameras.

Upon searching Louis De Zoysa, the police discovered that he possessed cannabis and seven rounds of ammunition. However, they did not uncover a loaded revolver that was secured in a holster on his person.

According to the court, the gun and holster were most likely hidden beneath one of his armpits.

At the age of 23, Mr. De Zoysa was transported to Croydon Police Station and placed in a room for holding, while he was still restrained with handcuffs.

During the trial, the jury was informed that Louis De Zoysa had concealed the weapon and had the ability to aim it at Sgt Ratana, who was working at the time.

The individual intentionally fired a gun at Sgt Ratana, targeting his chest from close proximity. No prior warning was given before the act was committed.

The jury was presented with video footage from CCTV capturing the exact moment when the shooting occurred.

During court proceedings, it was revealed that the other officers who were present were unable to prevent Mr. De Zoysa from firing the shot that ultimately resulted in Sgt. Ratana’s death. The prosecution asserts that this act was carried out with the intention of causing harm. The shot struck Sgt. Ratana’s left lung and heart

According to the court, there were three additional gunshots fired during a confrontation with the other officers, one of which caused injury to Mr. De Zoysa.

According to the prosecution, it is being claimed that another shot was intentionally fired at Sgt Ratana.

During a previous hearing in April at the same court, Mr. De Zoysa from Banstead, Surrey, denied the allegations of murder and pleaded not guilty.

The legal proceedings are still ongoing.

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