According to President Volodymyr Zelensky, a large number of people in Ukraine are facing difficulties in getting access to clean drinking water as the Kakhovka dam has been damaged. This has left hundreds of thousands of people without their regular supply of drinking water.

According to him, many people are still stranded in the flooded regions of southern Ukraine. He blamed Russia for not providing any assistance to those who are stuck in areas that are under their control.

Some people are worried that the levels of water may increase even more.

On Tuesday, there were allegations from both Ukraine and Russia that the dam was blown up. However, the BBC is unable to confirm either of these accusations.

According to a statement released by the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condemnation of the breach to Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a phone conversation, describing it as a brutal and uncivilized act

According to Mr. Zelensky, he had a conversation with President Erdogan where he emphasized the impact of the disaster on both the environment and people.

On Wednesday, there were ongoing mass evacuations in Ukraine’s Kherson region, and recent satellite images revealed extensive damage in the area.

A picture was taken of Kherson, the regional capital that is currently controlled by Ukraine, displaying a port and industrial area that had been inundated with water.

According to reports from Tass news agency, Russian emergency services have stated that the water levels are expected to remain high for a period of 10 days.

The United Nations cautioned that the devastation of the dam could result in significant and long-term effects.

According to Martin Griffiths, who is in charge of UN aid, it will take a few more days to fully understand the extent of the disaster.

Mr. Zelensky, through his Telegram channel, reported that around 100,000 individuals were affected by the disaster. Thousands of them are still present in the affected region.

According to him, a large number of individuals are currently facing difficulty in obtaining regular access to safe drinking water.

The services we offer to assist people are actively engaged, but our reach is limited to the areas under Ukraine’s control. Unfortunately, those who occupy the territories under Russian control are not making any efforts to aid the people in need.

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In order to be able to watch this video, you must activate JavaScript on your browser. The video is about the dam breach that occurred in Ukraine, and it features Ros Atkins discussing

Ukraine and Russia have reported that they have successfully removed over 1,000 individuals from the affected areas.

According to Ukrainian authorities, over 40,000 individuals must evacuate from their homes, with 17,000 residing in Ukrainian-controlled regions to the west of Dnipro River and 25,000 in the east occupied by Russia.

According to reports from Ukrainian TV, as of Wednesday morning, there were still 23 communities that

The officials in power in Kherson, who were put in place by the Russian government, have announced that a state of emergency will be in effect in the areas of the

According to certain reports, there is a possibility that the water levels in Nova Kakhovka, which is situated closest to the dam, may be decreasing. This could be due to the rapid depletion of the vast reservoir situated behind the dam.

According to the Governor of Kherson, Oleksandr Prokudin, Kherson may not experience its highest flood levels for another 20 hours.

According to him, Russian military personnel have bombarded various areas of the region, including the city of Kherson, on multiple occasions. As a result, one individual was killed and another was wounded.

According to Vladimir Leontyev, the mayor appointed by Russia in Nova Kakhovka, the village of Korsunka has been entirely submerged in water. Additionally, three other villages have experienced flooding that has reached up to the level of their roofs.

Onlookers witnessed the inhabitants making an attempt to salvage their possessions

The Kakhovka reservoir is a significant source of water for farmers, residents, and the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Additionally, it serves as a crucial conduit delivering water to the Crimea region, which is currently under Russian occupation.

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In order to view the video, it is necessary to activate JavaScript in your web browser. The video depicts the aftermath of a dam breach in Ukraine, including flood damage and evacuations.

According to Ukrhydroenergo, the organization in charge of Ukraine’s state-owned hydropower plants, there will be a peak in water levels that will be followed by a period of stabilization. This period is expected to last approximately four to five days, during which the water levels will recede.

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which is the largest in Europe, has raised concerns due to its use of reservoir water for cooling purposes.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has reported that the situation at the plant is currently under control and there is no immediate danger to the safety of the nuclear facility.

There are worries about the possibility of farmland being eroded due to water flow

According to Ukraine’s agriculture ministry, flooding has affected around 10,000 hectares of farmland on the bank of the Dnipro under Ukrainian control. The occupied bank has been impacted several times more by the flooding.

Viktoriia Yeremenko, a 57-year-old resident of Kherson, had to leave her house in the city in February after it was destroyed. She relocated to her son’s apartment, but unfortunately, it is now inundated with water.

She informed the BBC that she was unsure of what to do and would wait to see what unfolds next.

Kremlin-appointed officials in a small town called Oleshky reported flooding earlier. According to residents, some homes are close to being submerged, and elderly individuals are sitting on rooftops, waiting for assistance with evacuation.

Valery Melnik, who is 53 years old, expressed dissatisfaction with the authorities‘ lack of action.

According to what he told Reuters, he said that they will wait until the water recedes and then proceed to dry out the affected area.

The reason for the breach is still unknown, but Ukraine’s military intelligence has alleged that Russia intentionally destroyed the dam to prevent a potential Ukrainian counter-attack.

According to Russia, Ukraine was responsible for the attack on the dam. Russia believes that this action was taken to divert attention from the failures of Kyiv’s counter-offensive. Additionally, the attack was intended to deprive Crimea of access to fresh water. Crimea is a southern peninsula that was annexed by Russia in 2014, but its

According to the Geneva Conventions, it is strictly forbidden to intentionally target dams during

The video is currently unavailable for viewing.

In order to view this video, it is necessary to activate JavaScript on your browser. The President of Ukraine, Zelensky, has posted a video of a dam on the messaging app Telegram.

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