During a trial, it was revealed that a man had intentionally shot a police sergeant with an antique revolver that he had concealed. The victim, Sgt Matiu Ratana, was killed at a custody center. The accused has been charged with murder.

A 25-year-old man named Louis De Zoysa has stated that he did not commit the murder of Sgt Matiu Ratana, a 54-year-old police officer who was shot with a gun hidden in an underarm holster at a custody center in Croydon, located in the southern

According to prosecutors, Louis De Zoysa intentionally fired his weapon four times.

According to Duncan Penny KC, Mr De Zoysa harmed himself while firing the fourth shot.

According to the prosecution, Sergeant Ratana, who was also known as Matthew and was the sergeant in charge of custody at the time, was murdered while Mr. De Zoysa was in a holding cell with his hands handcuffed.

According to the argument, Mr. De Zoysa purchased an antique firearm through an auction in June 2020. It was deemed permissible to possess, and he created his own ammunition as the original bullets were no longer produced.

According to what the jurors were informed, the police officers who apprehended and inspected the accused individual earlier that day did not discover that Mr. De Zoysa had a loaded gun tucked into a holster.

According to Mr. Penny KC, it has been alleged by the prosecution that Louis De Zoysa aimed his gun at Sgt. Ratana and intentionally fired the trigger twice.

During a trial at Northampton Crown Court, Mr. Penny KC informed the jurors that there is video evidence available, including CCTV footage, that captures the incident in question.

According to the prosecutor, the evidence in the form of video and audio confirms that Louis De Zoysa is responsible for the death of Matthew Ratana.

During the initial day of the trial, it was revealed that the fourth bullet struck Mr. De Zoysa’s neck and resulted in brain damage.

The jurors were informed that an intermediary will help him during his trial due to his communication challenges, and he will also rely on a whiteboard for communication.

During the court session on Wednesday, Mr. Penny KC stated that he would use brief and straightforward sentences to communicate. The reason behind this approach is to ensure that Louis De Zoysa can comprehend what is being said.

At the beginning of the trial, the prosecution presented a narrative of the occurrences that preceded the shooting incident.

The statement presented to the jury stated that Louis de Zoysa was strolling down Norbury’s London Road on September 25, 2020.

According to the prosecution, the police halted him on the street, conducted a search, and restrained him with handcuffs. Jurors were presented with the body-worn camera footage from the officers.

The police officers discovered that Louis De Zoysa had cannabis and seven rounds of ammunition on him, but they did not find a loaded revolver in a holster.

According to the court, it was revealed that the gun and holster were most likely hidden under one of the defendant’s armpits.

At the age of 23, Mr. De Zoysa was brought to Croydon Police Station and placed in a secured room while still being restrained by handcuffs.

During the trial, the jurors were informed that Louis De Zoysa had concealed the firearm and had the ability to aim it at Sgt Ratana while he was performing his duty.

The perpetrator intentionally fired a single shot at Sgt Ratana’s chest from a close distance without giving any prior notice or warning.

During the court proceedings, it was stated that the other officers who were present were unable to prevent Mr. De Zoysa from firing the shot that resulted in Sgt. Ratana’s death. The prosecution argued that this act was intentionally done. The bullet from the shot caused fatal injuries to Sgt. Ratana’s left lung and heart

According to court testimony, additional gunshots were fired, including the one that harmed Mr. De Zoysa, as a result of a scuffle with the remaining law enforcement officers.

According to the prosecution, Sgt Ratana was intentionally shot again during the second shot.

During a court hearing in April, Mr. De Zoysa from Banstead, Surrey, denied the charge of murder.

The legal proceedings are ongoing.

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