The trial of a man who allegedly murdered a police sergeant from the Metropolitan Police force by shooting him with an antique revolver at a custody center heard that he intentionally pulled the trigger. The accused had hidden the weapon before using it to shoot the officer.

In 2020, at a custody center in Croydon, south London, Sgt Matiu Ratana, aged 54, was allegedly killed by Louis De Zoysa, aged 25, who is denying the charges of using a gun hidden in an underarm holster.

According to prosecutors, Louis De Zoysa intentionally fired the gun four times.

According to Duncan Penny KC, Mr. De Zoysa hurt himself while firing the fourth shot.

According to the prosecution, a man named Mr. De Zoysa was in police custody and handcuffed in a holding cell when Sgt Ratana, who was also known as Matthew and was the on-duty custody sergeant, was killed.

According to the argument, Mr. De Zoysa acquired the antique gun through an auction in June 2020. The gun was deemed legal to possess, but the ammunition was no longer produced, so he decided to create his own bullets.

According to what the jurors were informed, the officers who apprehended and investigated the accused person earlier on did not discover that Mr. De Zoysa had a loaded pistol in his holster.

According to Mr Penny KC, it has been alleged by the prosecution that Louis De Zoysa aimed his gun at Sgt Ratana and then intentionally pulled the trigger twice.

According to Mr. Penny KC, jurors at Northampton Crown Court can review CCTV footage and other video recordings of the incident.

According to the prosecutor, Louis De Zoysa can be seen in both the video and audio committing the murder of Matthew Ratana.

During the initial day of the trial on Tuesday, it was revealed in court that the fourth bullet that was fired hit Mr. De Zoysa in the neck which resulted in him experiencing brain damage.

According to what the jurors were informed, an intermediary will be helping him during his trial due to communication difficulties. Additionally, he uses a whiteboard to assist with communication.

Mr. Penny KC addressed the court on Wednesday and explained that he would be using brief sentences and uncomplicated language. The reason for this was to ensure that Louis De Zoysa could comprehend his words.

The lawyers representing the side of the accuser began by narrating the incidents that occurred before the shooting took place.

The jury was informed that Louis de Zoysa was strolling along Norbury’s London Road on September 25, 2020.

According to the prosecution, the police stopped him on the street, searched him, handcuffed him, and showed the jurors footage from the officers‘ body-worn cameras.

The police discovered that Louis De Zoysa had marijuana and seven bullets on his person, but they did not find a loaded handgun in a holster.

According to the court, it was said that the gun and holster were most likely hidden underneath one of his armpits.

At the age of 23, Mr. De Zoysa was escorted to Croydon Police Station and placed in a holding area while still being restrained by handcuffs.

According to the information presented to the jury, Louis De Zoysa concealed the firearm and aimed it at Sgt Ratana while he was performing his duty.

The individual intentionally fired a single shot at Sgt Ratana’s chest from a very short distance without providing any warning.

During the trial, it was revealed that the other officers who were present at the scene were unable to prevent Mr De Zoysa from shooting Sgt Ratana. Unfortunately, the bullet hit Sgt Ratana’s heart and left lung, leading to his death. According to the prosecution, this act was done intentionally.

According to the court, there were three additional gunshots fired while struggling with other officers, one of which caused injury to Mr. De Zoysa.

According to the prosecution, it is claimed that the second shot was also intentionally aimed at Sgt Ratana.

During a court hearing in April, Mr. De Zoysa from Banstead, Surrey, denied being guilty of murder.

The legal proceedings are ongoing.

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