The rescue operation after the dam breach in Ukraine is captured in a video that lasts for 62 seconds. However, the

In order to watch this video, it is necessary to activate JavaScript in your web browser. A dam located in the southern region of Ukraine, which is under Russian control, has been broken, leading to the evacuation and rescue of numerous individuals.

From Nova Kakhovka to the bank of the Kosheva River, there are areas that have been impacted and the extent of the damage is shown by James Waterhouse from the BBC.

There is a state of emergency in Ukraine and according to Russian media, there are a number of people who cannot be accounted for. Both Ukraine and Russia are pointing fingers at each other for causing the incident

The video was modified by Gem O’Reilly.

Discover further information about the Ukraine dam breach rescue in just 62 seconds by watching the accompanying video.

What’s coming next is a video clip about a beaver that was seen wandering around the Kherson district after a dam had broken. The clip is 23 seconds long.

After a dam was destroyed in Ukraine, numerous individuals were forced to evacuate their homes due to flooding. The incident sparked widespread panic and caused thousands of people to flee the area. A video lasting

Video footage shows the aftermath of a dam breach in Ukraine, which caused flooding and evacuations in the surrounding areas. The video is only one minute long.

The editor has suggested that Prince Harry has made an appearance at the High Court for the second day. A video of him arriving at the court is available and is 16 seconds long.

A wildlife officer in Colorado recently rescued a bear that was trapped inside a car. The incident was captured on video and lasted for about a minute. The officer was able to successfully free

A video clip shows the moment when a thief gives up on robbing a liquor store. The incident was captured and lasted for 27 seconds.

During a BBC interview about floods, there were sounds of strikes heard. The video is only 29 seconds long.

In this video, Ros Atkins explains the situation surrounding the dam breach in Ukraine. He provides a detailed analysis of the event and breaks down the key elements to help viewers understand what happened

A video shows the process of constructing floating structures on the Dnipro river, which has been impacted by flooding.

Video footage shows water forcefully flowing through a damaged dam in Ukraine. The dam appears to have sustained significant damage which has resulted in the uncontrollable gushing of water. The video clip has a duration

A video of swans swimming in Nova Kakhovka has been captured and circulated. The swans were spotted gracefully gliding through the water. The video is 12 seconds long.

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