It is not possible to play the video of the rescue operation that occurred after a dam breach in Ukraine. The incident was

In order to watch this video, it is necessary to activate JavaScript in your internet browser. A dam located in the southern region of Ukraine, which is under Russian control, has broken, leading to the evacuation and rescue of numerous individuals.

The regions impacted range from Nova Kakhovka to the vicinity of the Kosheva River bank. James Waterhouse from the BBC demonstrates the extent of the damage.

Reports from Russian media suggest that a number of individuals are unaccounted for in the wake of a breach that has led to a state of emergency being declared in Ukraine. Responsibility for the incident has been

The video was modified by Gem O’Reilly.

In just one minute and two seconds, a video shows the rescue efforts that took place after a dam breach in Ukraine. The video invites viewers to discover more about the event.

Coming up, a beaver is seen exploring the Kherson district following a breach of a dam. The footage is 23 seconds long.

After a dam was destroyed in Ukraine, numerous individuals had to leave their flooded houses. This resulted in thousands of people fleeing their homes. A video lasting 52 seconds depicted the chaos that ensued.

A video clip depicting the aftermath of a dam breach in Ukraine showcases the severe flooding and evacuations that have occurred. The video is only one minute long.

The editorial team suggests that Prince Harry has made his way to the High Court for the second day. A video clip of him arriving has a duration of 16 seconds.

A video shows a wildlife officer in Colorado rescuing a bear that was trapped inside a car. The officer successfully freed the bear and released it back into the wild.

The video captures a moment when a thief decides to abandon his attempt to rob a liquor store. The clip is only 27 seconds long.

During a BBC interview about floods, there were sounds of strikes heard in the background. The video clip lasts for 29 seconds.

In this video, Ros Atkins provides a detailed analysis of the recent dam breach incident that occurred in Ukraine.

A video captures the sight of floats being constructed and moving on the flooded Dnipro river.

Take a look: A video showing water rushing through a damaged dam in Ukraine for a duration of one minute and thirty-two seconds.

A video of swans swimming through Nova Kakhovka has been captured, showing the elegant birds gliding through the water. The footage is 12 seconds long and displays the serene scene in a new light

In 2023, the BBC released a statement that they are not liable for any information found on external websites. They also provided information about their policy regarding linking to external sources.

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