The rescue mission following a dam breach in Ukraine was captured on video, but unfortunately it cannot be played at this time.

In order to watch the video, it is necessary to activate JavaScript on your web browser. Due to a dam break in the region of Nova Kakhovka, which is under Russian control in southern Ukraine, thousands of individuals had to be evacuated and saved.

The regions impacted span from Nova Kakhovka up to the vicinity of the Kosheva River’s bank, where James Waterhouse of the BBC displays the magnitude of the consequences.

According to reports from Russian media, there are individuals who cannot be accounted for in Ukraine after a state of emergency was announced. The two countries have accused each other of being responsible for the incident.

The video has been modified by Gem O’Reilly.

Discover further by watching a one minute video of the rescue operation during the dam breach incident in Ukraine.

Coming up next, a beaver is seen exploring the Kherson district following a breach in the dam. The incident was captured on video and lasts for 23 seconds.

In Ukraine, a dam was destroyed and as a result, many homes were flooded. This caused thousands of people to leave their homes and seek safety elsewhere. A video clip lasting 52 seconds shows

A video has been released showing floods and evacuations taking place in Ukraine due to a dam breach. The video is one minute long and highlights the damage caused by the breach, which has forced people to leave their homes.

The second day of the High Court proceedings saw Prince Harry make his appearance. A video showing his arrival at the court was also shared.

A video shows a wildlife officer in Colorado helping to free a bear that had somehow gotten stuck inside a car. The officer used his skills and tools to safely extract the bear from the

A video captured the moment when a robber decided to abandon his attempt to rob a liquor store. The footage is only 27 seconds long.

During a BBC interview about floods, there were audible sounds of striking in the background. The video clip is 29 seconds long.

In this video, Ros Atkins provides a detailed explanation of the recent dam breach in Ukraine.

A video shows the construction of floats on the Dnipro river, which is currently experiencing flooding.

A video of a damaged dam in Ukraine shows water rushing through the structure. The footage captures the force of the water as it pours through the damaged area.

A video recorded a group of swans swimming in Nova Kakhovka. The birds were spotted swimming gracefully through the area.

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