Critics Divided on Ezra Miller’s Performance in „The Flash“ DC Superhero Movie

Various film critics have shared their opinions on The Flash, the latest DC Comics movie featuring Ezra Miller, a US actor who has faced challenges in his personal life.

The first movie featuring the superhero alone was uncertain as Miller had faced multiple arrests and had received medical assistance for mental health problems.

The Times and The Guardian newspapers both rated it poorly, with the latter criticizing the main character’s facial expressions as exaggerated and unappealing.

The Evening Standard praised the movie as being among the top superhero films of the 21st century up until now.

In January, Miller, who prefers to be referred to as they/them, pleaded guilty to unlawfully trespassing at a neighbor’s residence and was able to avoid a prison sentence.

They were placed under probation and instructed to abstain from substance abuse and to consistently seek mental health therapy.

In the Justice League, Miller portrays the character of Barry Allen, also known as The Flash. He works as a forensic investigator in the police department and has the superhuman ability to move

The protagonist travels through time to save his mother from being killed, a crime his father was wrongly accused of. Along the way, he also guides his younger self, but this causes unforeseen and unintended events to occur.

Kevin Maher described it as a chaotic journey across multiple universes in his article for The Times.

According to him, the producers had tried to address Miller’s well-known personal and legal issues by giving their character in Flash a specific line that acknowledges the problem.

According to Maher’s writing, when our hero was confronted with a traumatized eyewitness, they recommended seeking help from a mental health professional instead of relying on the Justice League, as the latter is not skilled in that area yet.

After a brief pause and a glance towards the camera, the actor utters the phrase "Trust me!" This line is particularly inappropriate considering the film’s questionable morals, which mainly involve rehashing the entertainment company’s existing works.

In the movie, there are appearances by some iconic superheroes from the past such as Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck’s versions of Batman and Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman.

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Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian pointed out the remarkable and bizarre depictions of the different versions of DC superheroes, and how the unexpected appearance of Bruce Wayne elicited laughter as he had been forgotten.

According to him, the movie lacks original concepts and innovative thinking. He also mentioned that it cannot be compared to the highly praised animated experiment in the recent Spider-Man movies. However, he acknowledged that making such a comparison may re-open the ongoing debate between DC and Marvel fans.

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The film was reviewed by Clarisse Loughrey from The Independent who gave it a three-star rating. Loughrey described the film as being confusing, emotional, and ethically challenging, mainly due to Ezra Miller’s performance.

According to the writer, there is no clear indication that either the release or cancellation of Miller’s movie would benefit anyone. The focus of Warner Bros seems to be solely on the success of its product rather than the well-being of its employees. Regardless of the outcome, the company avoids taking responsibility for any potential negative consequences.

Despite some criticisms, she did commend the writers for their examination of the experience of sorrow and Miller for their double portrayal, which improved the image of a character that was previously only known for being bothersome.

According to David Fear, a critic for Rolling Stone, the movie is the best one to arise from the Warner Bros./DC collaboration in the modern era following Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. He expressed his excitement for the film.

The most valuable aspect of the movie is Keaton’s performance. He not only portrays his character exceptionally well but also manages to fit seamlessly into the complex storyline. Surprisingly, his role aligns perfectly with the overall objective of The Flash.

According to Charlotte O’Sullivan from The Evening Standard, the film contains some impressive moments that fans will appreciate. However, David Rooney from The Hollywood Reporter stated that although the film is entertaining, it spends more time treading familiar ground than introducing anything new or innovative.

The person who made the statement said that Miller, who was considered a problematic actor, actually ended up being the most valuable aspect of the film. Miller brought a unique blend of comedy, emotion, and vulnerability that is not typically seen in superhero movies.

Owen Gleiberman from Variety expressed a mostly unfavorable opinion about The Flash, stating that it lacks the lightheartedness of Back to the Future and instead leans more towards grandiose but random blockbuster self-importance.

Although he found the beginning of the time-traveling hero adventure comic entertainingly complex, he ultimately realized that the plot did not have much coherence.

According to him, when we play around with the past, it creates endless options and allows us to use a lot of different things to entertain the audience, even throwing in everything we can think of.

Starting on June 16th, The Flash will be shown in movie theaters throughout

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